What does art mean to you?

This creative skill is my voice.

While growing up, art and design was for me a cathartic exploration, changing in mediums and internal trends, ultimately providing a feeling of self expression and mental freedom. From scribbling on an old patio with chalks aged four to digitally creating logos and illustrations twenty years later – all a non verbal message of how I was feeling in that moment.

Art Therapy

I believe art therapy is an effective mental health treatment, whether carried out alone or with a psychotherapist, as the analysis of art can build self awareness, which I have found to be important when dealing with emotions. Additionally I have a particular affection for art galleries, because I find that observing the art and creative choices of others, can also be therapeutic.

Creative Therapies

My love of aesthetics pulled me in the direction of design but the use of other creative outlets, such as music and dance, can help relieve stress and anxiety, and improve self esteem. I believe this connection with our unconscious mind should be listened to more often, as it can help children, adholesents and adults to heal, fulfil their potential or provide respite.




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