A good cup of tea is a personal preference, however there are many variables that can either make a blend taste incredible or leave it tasting horribly bitter or insipid. Follow our guide below to making an exceptional cup of tea.



– Water quality. We recommend using a water filter system to remove chemicals to avoid tainting the taste of the tea.

– Temperature control. We advise using a temperature control kettle so you can set the required temperate prior to boiling the water.

– Use freshly drawn water each time you boil the water and avoid a rolling boil. Do not re-boil the water.



– We recommend providing two sizes of teapot. A 400ml (small) teapot should be used for ‘a pot of tea for one’. This is large enough to give a generous portion but not too large to encourage sharing the one pot. A 1 litre (large) teapot is suitable for 3-4 to share.

– We measure loose-leaf servings using a teaspoon or a one-cup tea-measuring spoon.



– One rounded teaspoon per serving.

– Teapot serving rules. One serving for you, one serving for the pot. Be generous with servings of black tea or if the blend requires milk.

– Small teapot. Two servings in the small ‘pot for one’.

– Large teapot. We recommend 6–8 servings in the large pot for 3–4.



– Two serving temperatures – 80°c and 100°c.

– If you do not have temperature control equipment available to test if the water is 80°c, we recommend firstly adding a third of cold water to the ingredients and then two thirds of freshly boiled water.

– We recommend using the correct amount of water in the kettle for each teapot to avoid waste. However if this is not achievable, discard the remaining water and fill with freshly drawn water.



– Each blend will have individual brewing instructions included, however we recommend an average brewing time of 3 minutes for most blends to achieve consistency.

– We advise using a timer for personal preference. We use one that has a 3 and 5 minute timer option.

– Stopping the infusion (this is the most important part). The teapots we use have infusion baskets that can be taken out and placed on a saucer or lid at the desired stopping time. This will avoid over brewing and bitterness.



The ROWE® Team

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