At ROWE®  we only offer loose leaf blends.

Why loose leaf? Well, we decided that our company should be entirely loose leaf because we only wanted to offer the best tea and infusions. Keeping our focus and proposition as simple, refined and directed as possible has been at the heart of our brand. We want to be recognised and known for our ethical and quality loose leaf blends.

We only use natural ingredients to create the blends we offer and believe that any additional interference from additives, preservatives, sweeteners, sugars or any kind of flavour enhancement only detracts from the taste we have spent years perfecting. This is the same rationale we have always applied when considering tea bags. After extensive research and taste trials with every bag on the market, we are yet to find a solution that is genuinely ethical or of a quality to do justice to the ROWE® blends. We truly believe that the taste achieved through loose leaf ingredients surpasses any bagged tea on the market. This is due to the way the water is absorbed and the space given to the natural ingredients. We don’t want to compromise with any aspect of the brand.

Loose leaf tea is an art. Getting the mixture, temperature and brewing time correct depending on the blend is vital to optimise the taste experience. Each ROWE®  blend has been uniquely created and therefore requires individual instruction.


The ROWE® Team

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