At ROWE® we are passionate about using plants to help us feel well and healthy. We believe in the whole diet approach, for example diet patterns and quality food. Food and drink should not replace drugs but can act as prevention for disease and provide overall wellness.

Now devouring vast amounts of ‘super foods’ isn’t the answer. It is advised we aim to have a combination of nutrient rich foods in a healthy diverse diet, as the interaction between foods (due to the food matrix) is what is important.

What is nutrient rich food? Minimally processed plant foods – such as herbs, spices, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains or beans – contain phytochemicals, also known as phytonutrients. This is what makes the plant unattractive to insects and provides the plant with its colour, smell and flavour. They hold antioxidant properties that contain protective health qualities due to this compound (antioxidant), preventing another molecule from becoming oxidised which then stops free radicals from being formed. Free radials, when unstable, can cause damage within the body.

Phytochemicals have different chemical structures such as flavonoids, polyphenols and carotenoids. Green tea is rich in polyphenols and classic tea is full of flavonoids. Herbal tea contains a wide variety of plant foods so many of the chemical structures can be found within them. Herbal infusions are also important, as some photochemicals will interact beneficially with each other, so it is advised to drink a wide variety.

Consuming these phytonutrients can provide many benefits to overall health, such as reduce cardiovascular disease, eye disease and cancer. It is important that we have the best plant foods possible, which is why we believe in using the highest quality ingredients in our blends and supplying them to our clients in their most natural form.


The ROWE® Team

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