A time for change.

A new year is a perfect time for change. Making our own healthy and realistic new year’s resolutions is great, but this year we wanted to inspire a different type of change. As well as bettering our own lives, we decided to try and make a difference to someone else’s too. If everyone helped just one person this year, that would be over 7.6 billion acts of kindness.

Be the change that you want to see.

So.. we are no longer nestled up in a blanket on our sofa, clutching a cup of tea and glued to Stranger Things. We are outside handing out tea, water and socks locally to people who are sleeping rough. A cup of tea or even just a chat makes a huge difference. If you are interested in joining us please email us here. Or if you are ever concerned about someone sleeping rough, then contact Streeklink to connect them to support.

(Don’t forget the dogs – we bring healthy dog treats along with us.)



The ROWE® Team

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