About ROWE


Founded by Caroline, a designer from Hampshire, ROWE® was created from a love of art and design, a passion for wellbeing and a dream to create something of meaning. Inspired by simple, natural and ethical products, she originally created a collection of loose leaf teas and infusions, using minimal packaging and larger quantities. Having struggled with her skin throughout her twenties, she went on to launch a plant based skin care range which focused on natural, multi-purpose products. With the help of her family and team, ROWE has now developed an aromatherapy collection centred on sleep and meditation, and a minimalist homeware collection containing no harsh chemicals.


Plant Powered     |      Small Batch
“Do your best with the knowledge you have at the time”
Our aim is to enhance the wellbeing of ourselves and others, while continuously striving to be more sustainable and kinder to our planet. Our outer paper packaging and postal packaging is recycled and recyclable and we use fully biodegradable tea packaging in our reusable amber glass jars – all other packaging we use is recyclable. We reduce ink by embossing our labels by hand and use minimal product labelling. We source plant based products and ingredients that have not been tested on animals and all of our products are made in England.